Top 10 Defense Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

The rapid advancement of technology has changed the battle landscape. The defense industry is overwhelmed with a wide variety of disruptive forces ranging from market development to technological innovations to geopolitical turmoil. In response to these changes, organizations in the defense space are restructuring their portfolios through consolidation and new revenue streams, particularly in the aftermarket and sustainment segments.

Technology modernization has become a priority for defense companies to meet the increased commercial demand and limited defense budgets. Every experience in the defense landscape is becoming digital as ordinary things are being converted into intelligent devices. Additional pressures driving the need for business transformation include customer expectations for capable, cost-effective, and reliable products. With the volume of data generated in the industry, which is growing at an exponential rate, defense organizations are finding ways to extract value from the information available. Organizations are partnering with governments to cater to military use cases such as analyzing drone footage and mitigating potential threats.

Owing to the changing client expectations, many companies are leveraging automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence technologies—that is redefining defense strategies with human-machine collaboration and autonomous military mechanism. With the infusion of sensors and control systems in driverless tankers and tactical vehicles along with technological advancements such as self-steering bullets, unmanned submarine hunter, and laser cannons, digital leaders are essentially reinventing their workforces.

With the internet of things (IoT), live insights can be obtained from the real world into the defense industry’s equipment manufacturers. Through a highly connected network of people, products, manufacturing units and businesses, there is a greater impact on the production of equipment as well as the services that are offered. IoT enables organizations to stay in touch with their products, thereby enriching the production process with real-time information. As services deploying AI and ML come into action, they make processes smarter, transactions faster and frees up resources enabling the defense organization to use the available facilities for strategic activities and plans.

There has been an investment towards improving the safety of the soldiers through Autonomous Mobility Applique System, which acts as a multi-platform kit that performs automated functions in defense vehicles. Within the next few years, there would also be Squad Missions Support System technology vehicles ranging from site shuttle operated by robots to site security using radio frequency tags and autonomous patrols.

Services are also being offered to turn information into business efficiencies by structuring the data into an understandable representation to derive the root cause analysis and predict the outcomes of various processes in the defense industry.  As the future of the defense landscape will be highly intertwined with technological advancements, it is crucial for organizations to invest in services that meet their adequate requirements. Keeping these prerequisites in mind, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, technical analysts together with CIOReview’s diligent editorial board has put together a list of competent defense companies who offer robust services that can bolster national security efforts.

We present to you, “10 Most Promising Defense Technology Consulting/Services Companies – 2019.”

    Top Defense Technology Consulting/Services Companies

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    Boeing was the main supplier of seaplanes to the U.S. Navy during World War I. The company has only grown since then, along various verticals. It steadily emerged as the market leader with its best-in-class hardware and futuristic designs and monopolized the market, beating competitors by a huge margin. Boeing’s services like troubleshooting, maintenance, analytics, and modification can be availed globally, as the company functions from multiple fronts like China, Australia, India, Japan, and Latin American countries

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    IIA provides advanced analytics, science and technology information, large-scale data management, and high-performance computing services and solutions for Federal Government customers with large and complex data-intensive missions. The company consistently delivers innovative solutions, systems, and services for the defense and intelligence sectors to organize and cost-optimize massive troves of data to ensure her clients make better-informed business decisions. To strengthen the Nation’s security and global competitiveness, IIA leverages big data analytics, robotic process automation, cloud and edge computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, high-performance computing, and emerging cybersecurity solutions to delivering next generation, mission-focused results

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    RGi is the leading Command, Control, Communications and Information (C3I) innovator and geospatial expert in National Security. The enterprise delivers an immediate impact for the U.S. soldiers and analysts by revolutionizing the visualization, staging, optimization and analysis of geospatial data, information and intelligence in order to establish common situational understanding for decision makers. Knowing that their efforts make the soldiers and analysts more effective, efficient and above all, safe, is all the fuel the enterprise needs to push itself to create good work

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    Develops an ecosystem of tools that heighten the ability to screen and address the most relevant information and gain tactical edge for weapon operators for defense and law enforcement agencies

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    Benchmark Electronics

    Benchmark Electronics

    Benchmark is a global provider of innovative product design, engineering services, technology solutions, and advanced manufacturing services. From initial product concept to volume production, including direct order fulfillment and aftermarket services, Benchmark has been providing integrated services and solutions to original equipment manufacturers since 1979. Today, Benchmark proudly serves the following industries: aerospace, defense, medical technologies, complex industrials, test and instrumentation, next-generation telecommunications, and high-end computing. Benchmark’s global operations network includes facilities in eight countries and the common shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol BHE

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    DynCorp International

    DynCorp International

    DynCorp International is a leading global services provider offering unique, tailored solutions for an ever-changing world. Built on over seven decades of experience as a trusted partner to commercial, government, and military customers, DI provides sophisticated aviation, logistics, training, intelligence, and operational solutions wherever they are needed. DynCorp International’s aviation professionals service, support, and maintain the full spectrum of military helicopters, front-line fighters, ISR platforms, and VIP transport aircraft. The enterprise’s logistics professionals provide comprehensive supply services, maintenance, and life support on a global basis. From training to security, to complete intelligence mission support, their professionals provide services U.S. and international customers

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    Entegra Systems

    Entegra Systems

    Entegra Systems provides engineering, analysis, and technical services to partners in the information technology industry and government, specializing in homeland security and national intelligence. Entegra Systems also offers dynamic program development and execution services which focus on leadership and team through the common challenge. The enterprise challenges groups to learn together, grow together, and ultimately, to work together at a higher level than ever before. Entegra also offers DiSC Behavioral Styles assessments and training to help their team better understand individual work and communication styles. The programs enable client’s high-performance team to achieve maximum effectiveness and to capitalize on team productivity

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    Gryphon Technologies

    Gryphon Technologies

    Gryphon Technologies, Inc. (Gryphon) is a premier engineering and technical services provider supporting National Security programs. Gryphon is the federal Government’s partner working in support of mission-critical systems in every phase of their lifecycle. Their clients can expect consistent, high-quality engineering practices and processes with the infrastructure in place to review and improve those processes continuously. Gryphon has enjoyed an outstanding record of success providing a spectrum of services in support of system acquisition programs for national security with expertise in Warfare Systems and Integration, Engineering, Program Management, Test and Evaluation, Integrated Logistics, and Cybersecurity

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    InTec provides Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I) expertise to the US Federal Government, to include the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Intelligence Community (IC). Formed, in 2004 with a single individual on contract at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), InTec has experienced double-digit growth annually with work spanning the Intelligence Community (IC) and other Federal Agencies. InTec has been regularly recognized by Washington Technology and Inc Magazine as a fast-growing and innovative company. The growth was achieved through superior service to our customers and employee loyalty

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    Tyto Athene

    Tyto Athene

    Tyto Athene is a full-service systems integrator focused on giving clients the ability to make timely decisions by providing ubiquitous and secure access to enterprise information throughout their operating environment. Tyto Athene uses a range of technologies, innovative thinking, and proven processes to deliver successful outcomes for clients worldwide. At Tyto Athene, the team sees their role much like the Tyto of Athena. The business brings keen insight, wisdom, experience, and strategy to their clients so they can meet their business and mission needs. The company’s wide range of services and solutions gives its customers a critical advantage