WeaponLogic: Transforming Tactical Readiness Using Artificial Intelligence

The military and law enforcement agencies engaged in the battlefield or other emergencies depend on precision and high performance of their weapons for favorable mission outcomes. For that reason, the weapon operators need to follow a modern approach to weapons management instead of the legacy strategies which might give the adversary an undue advantage during the combat. WeaponLogic, an advanced weaponry readiness and maintenance enhancement solutions company, is on a mission to bring about dramatic improvements in mission success rate and fighter-survivability. The company offers an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered system that takes a data-driven approach to eliminate weapon malfunctioning in any situation. “Led by a team of military veterans, technology specialists, and AI experts, WeaponLogic is at the intersection of transforming tactical readiness,” says Itay Weiss, CEO of WeaponLogic. “We change the game for the military and law enforcement by delivering comprehensive weapon status report in less than a second through intuitive dashboards that drive tactical optimization and force efficiency.”

WeaponLogic comprises a suite of tools that improve weapon maintenance and inventory management. The advanced AI-driven algorithm built into the system gathers and analyzes comprehensive weapon usage data in real-time, providing immediate alerts to the fighter about her/his weapon state and ammunition consumption. “To maximize armor efficiency, WeaponLogic instantly alerts the fighter on any service requirements, thus eliminating malfunctions in crucial situations,” mentions Weiss.

To record and store weapon data in real-time, WeaponLogic is enabled with a storage capacity of up to one million shots, a rapid data presentation feature with up to 10 operation years. WeaponLogic can be quickly and non-permanently attached to any weapon: from pistols to heavy machine guns to tank cannons. As a small and light device, WeaponLogic integrates seamlessly with any weapon while its algorithm learns the weapon’s characteristics and analyzes comprehensive weapon usage data. This data can be transferred to the encrypted and highly secured Reader via RFID technology or other communication modes. The data stored in the Reader allows the weapon operators to quickly review the firearm’s status, including total fired rounds and the latest maintenance date. The up-to-date data displayed through the customizable dashboard helps clients optimize weapons maintenance through predictive diagnostics.

We change the game for the military and law enforcement by delivering comprehensive weapon status report in less than a second through intuitive dashboards that drives tactical optimization and force efficiency

WeaponLogic saved more than 60 percent of a Europe-based client’s weapon maintenance budget in 2018. While this technology monitored the operational status of various weapons used on the ground, team WeaponLogic supported the client in performing pre-emptive and precise arms maintenance for enhanced tactical efficiency.

To deliver outstanding services, team WeaponLogic primarily focuses on understanding clients’ challenges before implementing WeaponLogic. “Unlike others in the market, 95 percent of our budget goes into R&D to assist our employees (more than 80 percent of them being engineers) in developing the most advanced technologies for our clients,” extols Weiss.

Currently, WeaponLogic is working on a project in Asia to develop multi-sensor technology for any handgun to heavy artillery like 155mm mortar. In the near future, the company strives to improve its existing technologies with new functionalities and drive innovation in weapons management. “In 2020, we are collaborating with the major players in the weapons management sector to transform tactical readiness worldwide,” concludes Weiss.


Virginia Beach, VA

Itay Weiss, CEO

Develops an ecosystem of tools that heighten the ability to screen and address the most relevant information and gain tactical edge for weapon operators for defense and law enforcement agencies