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Christopher, R. Williams CEO
The increasing popularity of drones in the domestic, commercial and military sectors has introduced a myriad of security concerns. Cutting-edge technology and decreasing drone prices have made them easily accessible to every individual and organization. Drones are being modified to carry explosive payloads, transport illicit contraband, execute cyber-attacks, and provide surveillance for criminal activity. Authorities are faced with an increasing concern about drone attacks at public events and to critical infrastructure including government-owned properties, nuclear power plants, military bases, airports, and federal prisons.

In order to address these growing threats, government authorities and other organizations seek a trusted technology to protect against unwanted threat drones. Enter Citadel Defense. A promising technology company that designs, develops, and deploys drone protection solutions for military, homeland security, and commercial use. Titan, a counter drone solution developed by Citadel Defense, uses mission-proven hardware and software to quickly detect, identify, and defeat individual threat drones and swarms.

Titan is a small, lightweight, rugged and portable counter drone solution that was engineered for fixed, mobile and dismounted operations. “Citadel Defense is meeting the needs of the warfighter today with minimal field support, even in the most austere environments. Frequent collaboration and feedback from warfighters has allowed Citadel to deliver solutions for defense and government customers that are constantly improving, constantly incorporating user feedback, and constantly adapting to solve the rapidly growing threat that drones pose to National Security,” states Christopher R. Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense.

Powered by advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, Citadel’s Titan was engineered to keep operators ahead of the threat. Proprietary software discerns and mitigates drone threats ranging from individual drones to swarms of different drones that may even be operating on different frequencies within seconds, which is faster than human intervention would allow.

Our technology is extensively tested and validated by leading testing authorities and third-party government sponsors to defeat individual threat drones and swarm attacks

“Our technology is extensively tested and validated by leading government testing authorities in live threat scenarios to provide maximum effectiveness in different missions. It is ready for purchase and employment across the military,” remarks Williams. The CEO adds, “Along with providing operators with real-time information on threat drones, our solution defeats the threat expeditiously with limited collateral effects to other important signals or communications such as Wi-Fi or BLE.”

The system can be easily set up and configured to establish a hemisphere of protection in less than five minutes. Citadel technology can be operated autonomously or with an operator in the loop, and does not require signal expertise, extensive training, or field service engineering support to operate. This allows the warfighter to focus on their core mission without distraction while keeping sustainment costs to a minimum.

Citadel Defense technology is successfully deployed with military, government, and commercial customers. In a market that is rapidly growing and where Citadel technology has proven successful, the company is rapidly expanding operations. Mr. Williams explained the company’s ambitions for growth. “We want to be the preferred drone security provider for military, government and commercial organizations. Our customer’s protection is our top priority and Citadel is excited to partner with the government to allow our military to capture commercial innovation to maintain technological superiority,” Williams concludes.

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Christopher, R. Williams CEO

Citadel builds an automated and modular drone defense solution that uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to detect and engage unwanted drones. The company specializes in development and deployment of drone protection solutions for military, government, and commercial applications. Citadel is dedicated to creating lasting value for their partners, their shareholders, their employees and their communities. Citadel operates with integrity, focus, commitment, respect, and fun. The company invents and invests to bring the best solutions to market that meet what the customers need

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