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Bill Harris, CEO
A short time ago, USAPAC was deploying the Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Capability (JPMRC) program, a mobile training system that allows the forces to train at the Brigade and below level, partially in a virtual environment. LEGION Systems was supporting their IT infrastructure, training systems and models, and the associated simulations during the deployment. LEGION Systems is an eminent name in comprehensive consultative services and Special Operations and Intelligence solutions meeting the needs of the U.S. Government and the defense industry. The firm had a six-week deployable exercise in Alaska, where the company tore down the system, packed and shipped, and re-built the system, tested and integrated it; all this in the field in less than four weeks to support a large culmination exercise involving thousands of troops and senior U.S. Army Leadership. Although the LEGION Systems team was performing in the field with limited resources and spare parts, failure was not an option. The company had to overcome technical issues, equipment failures, field exercise issues, all the while ensuring the system was ready for the exercise. Bill Harris, CEO of LEGION Systems accredits this success to LEGION’s teamwork, customer relationships, and ingenuity— “it’s who we are and what we do.”

The genesis of this great team of Legion Systems sparked when Harris met Dan Vanderheyden, Co-founder, LEGION Systems, while working for a Defense Contracting firm. They worked together on their capacities, pooled their collective knowledge and experience in the defense industry, and established LEGION Systems in 2012. Evolving over four years, the company is uniquely positioned to address two complimentary market segments Advisory Services Group—consulting and subject matter expertise and Government Solutions Group (GSG)—professional services, education, and training services—each tailored to serve different facets of the defense community. LEGION’s subject matter expertise, provided through GSG, has proven to be of massive benefit to its clients. “Our trained professionals advise customers on their day to day operations, enhance the efficiencies of their operations, and provide new and emerging technology and procedures to streamline their operations, increasing the effectiveness of their mission,” says Harris.

Unconventionally thinking is our norm!

Another aspect—the GSG solutions provide episodic training and role player services to the Special Operations Command—a unique and critical line of business.

LEGION Systems also has its operations spread out in the Special Operations Forces (SOF) sector— helping customers solve their complex operational problems expeditiously within their limited resources and time constraints. Additionally, LEGION Systems works with both the Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) and the Technical Industry Liaison Office (TILO) to submit ideas, whitepapers, demonstrations, and prototypes to the Special Operations community to enhance their mission readiness. Currently, LEGION Systems is launching a new tangential market to its core training services, Full Immersion Virtual Reality (FIVR). The company is collaborating with the inventor, designer, and developer of the next generation Virtual Reality (VR) engine to adapt the VR engine into a full immersion training environment with the intent to take this technology to the warfighter at the “Tip of Spear” as well as those who support them through the entire warfighting chain.

“If we tell the customer we will do something, the LEGION Systems team follows through with its commitment, with integrity and transparency to ensure all commitments are met,” cites Harris. This approach has helped LEGION Systems to grow through numerous referrals, recommendations, and accolades from its clients and the Government Customer. “We need to think ‘unconventionally’ for growth, and that means growing our people, our market share and the service and value we provide our clients”, says Harris.

Legion Systems

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Bill Harris, CEO

Provides consultative services and a suite of Special Operations and Intelligence solutions for US Government and the defense industry

Legion Systems