EXB Solutions: Delivering Mission-Critical Software Development Process

Chris Schwartzbauer, President & CEO
Governmental organizations have traditionally spent years developing specific scope of work requirements for proposals, which are then sketched for a waterfall development approach. As a result, the need arises for dynamic necessities in waterfall-centric procurement processes. “One possible answer to the problems surrounding the waterfall-centric process is to expand the trending theme of agile-development which is timely and successful,” begins Chris Schwartzbauer, President and CEO, EXB Solutions. The current waterfall development process is in direct conflict with regulated software development rules in aerospace and defense as many regulations involve clear and demonstrable traceability.

“The challenge of developing Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for commercial airspace is a good example,” says Schwartzbauer. Enter EXB Solutions, a systems and software engineering company maximizing the potential of this growing industry, using agile software-based processes. The company is primarily focused on software engineering, Q&A testing, design and services for mission-critical software and systems in the aerospace, defense, medical, and high-tech industries. Moreover, EXB addresses the issue of improving regulations to meet strict standards while accounting for the fluid nature of technology standards.

By addressing the need through collaboration and leadership, the company also specializes in matching highly skilled technical professionals to meet the client’s unique demands. With their staffing solutions, the company empowers organizations by bringing the appropriate staff required to execute their project on demand. EXB displays a great ability to match the skills of engineers, project managers, analysts, and IT professionals to the needs of their clients. “We strive to understand our clients’ business, project aims, financial goals, and technical staffing requirements,” adds Schwartzbauer. After understanding their clients’ business necessities, the company attempts to find the exact experience and capabilities to meet those needs.

In addition, EXB also develops proof of concept, displaying the various possible ways of reusing software in a regulated application, like aerospace.
“We often encounter numerous complications even if software is re-usable,” mentions Schwartzbauer. “The issue generally arises with changes in application, hardware or parameters that could require extensive validation and verification certificate.” This can eclipse the software development effort, leading to extended timelines and increased budgets. By automating the software testing, the company reduces engineering development and automates reuse. This in turn results in lower development costs and accelerated delivery schedules. The pilot program that EXB engaged in with NASA on components of a flight management system is an excellent example. The program demonstrates the utilization of technologies which can automate a significant portion of the test development and documentation needed to recertify software in a new application. “The cost and time savings demonstrated here could be very valuable in the building of small and cube satellites or UAVs,” notes Schwartzbauer.

At EXB, we diligently recruit and retain talent with diverse experiences and backgrounds, that are striving to continually improve and test their skills, while embracing team approach

“At EXB, we diligently recruit and retain talent with diverse experiences and backgrounds, that are striving to continually improve and test their skills, while embracing team approach,” says Schwartzbauer. With over 14 years of performance history, the company plans on identifying and recruiting more talented employees who will work towards delivering proven solutions across a diverse range of situations. EXB is focussed on deepening their current client relationships, and finding ways to collaborate with new partners to maximize the potential within their industry. The company is also well-positioned to bring their expertise to complex obstacles in the stages of the development process.

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Chris Schwartzbauer, President & CEO

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