Digital Reasoning: Redefining the Limits of Cognitive Computing

Digital Reasoning is helping government defense clients tackle one of their toughest challenges–extracting value from voluminous amounts of unstructured data. The company’s machine learning-based analytics platform, Synthesys® applies state of the art cognitive computing algorithms to read and analyse documents at Big Data scale, revealing concealed risks and relationships to offer insight for a variety of DoD missions such as counter terrorism, counter intelligence, and insider threat.

“We define Cognitive Computing as the confluence of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning combined with subject matter in a given area, which illuminates important insights for our clients,” shared Kelly Collins, President, Public Sector at Digital Reasoning.

Synthesys is also the engine behind the non-profit organization Thorn’s solution that helps fight human trafficking. Digital Reasoning helped train its platform to read through postings from certain websites and identify language typical of a minor being controlled or coerced by a third party. Used by over 1500 law enforcement professionals in 48 states and the District of Columbia, the tool has been successfully utilized in over 860 cases to recover more than 300 victims and identify 56 traffickers while reducing investigation times by at least 43 percent.

We define Cognitive Computing as the confluence of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning combined with subject matter in a given area, which illuminates important insights for our clients

Digital Reasoning’s goal is to leverage what they’ve learned from the human trafficking model to help federal, state and legal entities build advanced models that could target drug trafficking, money laundering, counter-terrorism and cybercrime. “We believe we can help the government harness the power of Big Data and Cognitive Computing to effectively address the nexus of criminality by amassing incriminating information to effectively prosecute the more difficult crimes,” commented Ms. Collins.
Kelly Collins, President, Public Sector
The company is working with a DoD client to collect unstructured data on nation state cyber threat actors to understand what they say in hacker chat panels and blogs, what they brag about to each other, and what malware they use and sell to others. Ultimately, their goal is to combine those insights with structured cyber data to create a more refined profile of hacking collectives and their intersections.

“The DoD is peerless in their requirement to understand and process information on all corners of the world. We have proven our ability to perform at Government scale by ingesting and understanding hundreds of millions of documents from blended data sources to help DoD analysts reveal valuable insights out of big data collections,” stated Ms Collins.

In addition to their work with the government, Digital Reasoning also serves financial services and health care clients. Some of the company’s earliest customers in the financial services market were Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse who are now investors in the company. The company also works with many of the industry’s largest investment banking firms such as UBS and hedge funds such as Point 72 Asset Management.

Financial institutions are using the company’s technology to surveil electronic communications such as email and chat for signs of unauthorized trading, collusion and market manipulation. For single banks, the company processes several million emails daily to help them avoid the perils of insider threat by looking for suspicious language.

With the rise of insider threat concerns throughout the government, Digital Reasoning hopes to help their public sector clients also embrace the potential of continuous monitoring–of their internal communications as well as their supply chain communications– further expanding the limits and the potential of cognitive computing.

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