Compusearch: PMO Software to Prevent Delays, Manage Risks, and Monitor Funding Levels

Reid Jackson, CEO
Program Managers and their Deputies, Configuration Managers, Data Managers, and PEO CIOs face a wide array of challenges as they strive to achieve their missions on-time and within budget. Compusearch delivers an integrated set of tools that make mission success possible. In a Six Sigma study conducted by Cargo Helicopters, Compusearch’s software improved processing time and reduced delays by over 80 percent. The benefits within other program offices are just as favorable: A recent survey showed that organizations which don’t use Compusearch’s PMO tools are four times more likely to find core tasks “very difficult.”

“PMOs and PEOs use our tools to handle administrative tasks quickly yet thoroughly, and so avoid administrative nits from festering into multi-million dollar issues and delays of vital weapons, intelligence, and security systems,” says Reid Jackson, Compusearch’s CEO. “Our customers have made simple that which was tedious and complex: They use our CDRL and CM modules for engineering and contract admin; they use our Riskvue and PMvue modules to manage and report on risk, schedule, and funding status. PEOs and large PMOs use our products to automate the collection of data from constituent programs so that they can see the big picture, drill-down, and readily see changes over time.”

Jackson highlighted the root causes of most PMO and PEO administrative challenges–the federal government is trying to tame 20 million emails per day, 200 thousand slides per month, and 70 thousand spreadsheets per year. PMO staff without Compusearch tools have to “redo the rework” daily and monthly to extract, structure, and report on the information sprinkled and decaying in those unstructured formats. GOTS and home-rolled software address only a subset of core requirements and windup consuming budget and staff to maintain its limited capabilities.

PMOs’ missions vary widely and PMOs optimize their workflow accordingly. That’s why CIOs and PMO leadership greatly appreciate the configurability among and within Compusearch’s PMO modules.
Every module ships with a robust set of switches that are easily set during installation. As a result, programs needn’t invest time and money changing the way they work to accommodate software constraints: Most programs are fully operational within two or three weeks.

Related, program leaders are particularly impressed by the extensibility of Compusearch’s PMO modules. The extensibility allows them to quickly interface with-or subsumelegacy systems or meet new requirements. Based on its patented Application Workbench, the extensibility of Compusearch’s PMO modules is something that every DOD CIO should see demonstrated. Using Compusearch’s PMO modules and Application Workbench, CIOs can address pressing needs in the short term, stay ahead of emerging requirements in the medium term, and rationalize their application portfolio in the long term.

For decades, DoD, Intel, and civilian agencies have relied on Compusearch to boost efficiency, increase transparency, ensure compliance with DFARS/FAR, and make audits painless. Compusearch maintains an unrivaled experience supporting the missions and interworkings of PMOs, acquisition professionals, primes, and subcontractors. That experience and domain expertise drives the design of Compusearch’s products and the interfaces among them.

Using our CDRLmanagement software, Cargo Helicopters and dozens of other programs reduced delays by over 80 percent

What’s next for Compusearch’s software suite for PMO and PEOs? Jackson said, “We’ve invested in helping PMOs ensure that helicopters and fixed wing aircraft are where the warfighter needs them, when they need them. Our Air Worthiness Checklist module gives full visibility into the progress each tail number has made toward certification and clarifies the bottlenecks that threaten the mission.”


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Reid Jackson, CEO

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