Awaiting the Cloud Provider Market to Settle Down
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Awaiting the Cloud Provider Market to Settle Down

Ray Deluke, CIO & VP, Exelis Inc
Ray Deluke, CIO & VP, Exelis Inc

Ray Deluke, CIO & VP, Exelis Inc

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2014

The big technology challenge for 2014 is meeting the needs and expectations of a technology-dependent world. It used to be that employees longed to have the technology they had at work, at home. Today, that has completely reversed. Employees want and are most productive with the technology they use outside of work and want that same experience at work. The challenge is to provide one experience in a safe and cost effective manner.

If I had a 2014 wish list, I would like to see an enterprise PBX-less unified communication solution with integrated voicemail, secure and cost effective cloud processing and storage, a “do it all” mobility solution that replaces the desktop, and a virtual desktop infrastructure cost model that makes sense.

Solutions that would make my job easier

As with most information technology professionals, information security is a constant concern–but that is the nature of rapidly advancing technology.  I’d like to see the cloud provider market settle down a bit.  It can be challenging to buy what you need, vice buy what providers have to offer. We have some cloud-based assets, but we cannot be certain that our providers will be able to remain viable in the long-term future.

Trends impacting enterprise business environment

Enterprise class flash memory. This holds a promise to reduce data center footprint and cooling requirements and to significantly reduce failure associated with spinning disks while increasing application performance. Other trends that will have a significant impact is a software-defined data center and federated on- premise and cloud solutions.

Changing Role of CIOs

My role of CIO at Exelis has expanded beyond traditional roles.  I now manage transactional services in addition to IT –including finance, human resources, sourcing, travel, and corporate real estate.  Along with this, our Board of Directors has become much more interested in information technology topics, such as information security and risk management, and their potential impacts to our company.

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